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One of the biggest concerns of householders is that when the winter comes,will their roof be able to withstand all the different types of weather thrown at it. If there are any weaknesses in the roofing system, you can be sure that the gusting wind or the torrential rain will find a way to cause even more damage. In more serious cases, you might find yourself with unwanted water coming through into your house. Worse still, roof tiles and slates might be blown clean off, leaving a gaping hole and that could lead to major damage if not fixed as soon as possible. We recommend having your roofing system checked out BEFORE the winter comes so we can fix any weaknesses before they get worse. We can fix and repair all types of roofing systems and we will leave you with confidence that when winter does come around, your roof will be safe and secure. See picture below to see some of the parts of the roofing system we can fix and renew for you.

We will fix and repair any size job, whether it is a one tile job or a full roofing system, we are your 'Go to' company for total peace of mind. We have many years of experience in the roofing trade and we have many satisfied customers. (See our reviews on 'My') We have a good reputation and we aim to keep it. Call us today for any advice or if you want us to come out to check your roofing system.

When we have completed your repairs and left you with a good secure roof ready for all weathers, we don't forget about you. If you have any problems with your roofing system or if there is any aspect of the job we did that you are not happy with(Very unlikely), just contact our Customers services and we will get straight back in contact with you and rectify the problem. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.


If you need a new roof fitted there are many benefits ,including:

+  You get a brand new  warranty from the roofing company  +
+  A new roof is much safer and more solid especially in bad weather  +
+  You will save energy as the new roof will be freshly sealed and sturdy  +
+  Your house looks much better with a brand new roof  +
+  It’s a good investment and could increase the value of your house  +

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